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Management Change at Cal-Tek Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Management channelize at Cal-Tek - Essay ExampleIt can be mentioned that if the organisations fail to realise and reconcile to the forces of exchange then it can lead to lower efficiency, profitability, productivity and personal ineffectiveness. In the epoch of globalisation, it becomes meaning(a) for the organisations to manage the dynamic and the inevitable changes that take dictate in the organisation. There is tremendous competition among the firms and as a result it becomes essential for the organisations to be flexible so that they are capable of implementing the changes when it is required for the survival of that particular firm (PHCC, 2008). Task 1 External and Internal Forces Driving Change at Cal-Tek External Forces Driving the Change It is a well know fact that change needs to be accepted as a significant part of the organisational life. There are two main forces that drive the change in the organisation. They are the internal factors and the external factors. It is the external factors that motivate the demand for change in the organisation. ... A company needs to analyse if it is the leader in the particular marketplace. There are many factors such as changing tastes and preferences of the customers, mergers and acquisitions and globalisation that pose competitive threats to the organisations and thus challenge the niche of every organisation. engine room can also be considered as one of the significant factors motivating the change. The reason behind this is that it has the ability to change the way the work is done and the relationship, significant to the organisation such as the employees, customers, investors and suppliers. In most of the times, the changes are brought about in the society and culture by meaning of shift in the expectations, values, states needs and values. The attitude demonstrated by the individual towards the quality, work, role of government and national identity tend to be affected by the political and social even ts. The other external drivers of change are government policies, laws and regulations. Organisations are supposed to operate within the boundaries of governmental influence (Russell & Russell, 2006). Internal Forces Driving The Change The internal forces driving the change in the organisation tend to be internal to the organisation. The internal factors take place within the enterprise so as to push the organisation, its leadership, its investors and stakeholders to move in a different direction from what has been followed in the past. Leadership is one of the significant internal forces of change in the organisation. By means of inspiring others, offering new ideas, the leaders tend to instil new direction in the organisation. It is the

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