Monday, July 29, 2019

Economies, Markets and Strategic Decisions Coursework

Economies, Markets and Strategic Decisions - Coursework Example The area of the corporation includes trade agreements, taxation policies, tariffs and duties among other areas. The report seeks to examine one of the countries in the G7 industrial economies carefully (G20, 2015). Although the G7 industrial economies are of countries that have been perennial economic powerhouses, there have been emerging economies that have sprung out rapidly. Some of the economies that have grown rapidly in the recent years include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The countries are as BRICSA or tiger countries. Over the last decades, the BRICSA countries have grown rapidly causing ripples to some of the developed nations. Among the drivers that have led to the emergence of the countries includes innovation in the technological sector. The report carefully examines economic factors that have spurred the growth of the economies are also carefully considered (G20,2015). Finally, the report also features macroeconomic performance, international trade and international trade and investment over the last five years of one of the open economies. The free economy is not part of the G7 group neither is part of the BRICSA countries. The open economy consists several countries that include Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia among other countries (G20,2015). The U.S. economic was among the economies that worst hit by the recent global financial meltdown. Most of the world economies were stagnated following the eruption of the global financial crisis that adversely affected most countries. Over the last five years, significant economic changes have been made following the adoption of workable economic policies. The systems have seen the economy recovery from its shackles. Although proper measure have been put ensure full economic recovery issues such high unemployment rates

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