Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How the Government is Restricting our Freedom and Rights Essay

How the Government is Restricting our Freedom and Rights - Essay Example This essay stresses that the public officials and the government are increasingly setting illegitimate restrictions on citizen's freedom of peaceful assembly, and expression to silence key voices. Evidence reveals how opposition politicians, activists and journalists face arbitrary intimidation, politically motivated criminal charges, arrest and threats for expressing opinions deemed critical and vital by the government authorities. This paper makes a conclusion that the government restricts the right to freedom of expression by law of the international human rights, to protect and preserve the rights of public order and other rights, if permitted in a democratic society to restrict and law mainly does it. The formulation is based on the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Covenant on Political and Civil Rights. Religious rights of protection are crucial as a human right, but concerning the freedom of religion, the government laws impose restrictions, a restriction same as the freedom of expression. Right to religion, is a freedom to manifest or express one's beliefs, which is subjected to various limitations as prescribed by law. Although such limitations are fundamental to protect public order, safety, morals, health or essential freedoms and rights of others, it still infringes ones right. The government has banned public protest among unverified contentions that coordinators organized violence. In contemporary times, political activists are accused of treason a serious offense for their engagement in planning the protest. In many countries, government authorities are creating an environment where it is difficult for citizens to criticize government practices or policies and government officials. Recent report documents more and more restrictions on the media in US, which prevent it from freely, and timely broadcasting information concerned with government scandals and other critical matter. Journalists in media houses and private broadcasters have reported facing temporary closure, harassment and intimidation by the government authorities. All these imposed measure and restrictions infringe people freedom of expression, (McMullen, Bagby and Palich, 2008). Under the current international Conventions, obligations of the state concerning freedom of expression are immediate and absolute. Similarly, as with other types of liberty, particularly unrestricted freedom of speech and e xpression may result to the infringement of other people’s rights. A number of restrictions and limitations have hedged the freedom of expre

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