Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Essay --

Have you ever wondered who invented the modern computers we use today?Now, you would probably say Microsoft or Apple; however the truth is modern computers were invented by Alan Turing. He invented the Turing Machine, which is a computer that could process anything. In other words he created the first programing language. Not only did he contribute to computer science, but also in biology, chemistry, physics, and especially mathematics. He has countless number of achievements including his contribution of cracking the Nazi enigma code, which seemed at that time, â€Å"unbreakable†. Now lets dive into the life of Alan. Now where is better to start than his early life. Alan was born into a wealthy family. He was born on the June of 25, 1912 in London, Maida Vale, Warrington Crescent, and Warrington Lodge. He was christened on july 7, 1912 at the St. Saviour's church. Alan did not live with his father early on in his life because his father, Julius Turing worked for a civil service in India. He worked for the Madras Presidency. There he met alan mother Ethel Stoney. Alan was the youngest in his family. He has one older brother named John Turing. He his 4 years older than Alan. Alan was a very curious boy. He always questioned how thing are done. He was always not shy and ready to greet anyone. He also acted a lot more mature for his age. He loved to use large words as a child. However he did enjoy the company of figures. Extraordinarily, he thought himself to read in 3 weeks by using an interesting method he deceived called the â€Å"knowing spot†. He had a problem of not remembering to read t he figures from left to right or vise versa. Alan then used his left hand’s thumb as a marker for reading the figures. He called it the â€Å"knowing spot†. L... ...t the same yard as his father. He did have a rule to eat an apple a night. He also loved to chant the poison apple brewing scene from snow white as a child. Some people misunderstanding that the Apple Logo does not come from this reason ,but instead because the bite helps distinguish it from a cherry. However Steve Jobs says, "God, we wish it were" Alan Turing was a man who accomplishments countless number of things in his life. Varying from computers, biology, physics, and mathematics. However he lost his life at such a young age for a reason unknown to us. He helped win WWII and created the concept of programming when everyone else says it is impossible. Also he did not stop there but also defined what makes a computer smart. He created the first Artificial intelligence. He still use all use methods today. He was the man known as the father of modern computers.

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