Saturday, December 14, 2019

The advantages of plastic surgery Free Essays

The advantages of plastic surgery can be many in the right circumstances. Plastic surgery can be exactly what you need to enhance your self image. Having a positive self image can give you the self confidence that you need to get a better job, try new things and it will give you a general overall feeling of well being. We will write a custom essay sample on The advantages of plastic surgery or any similar topic only for you Order Now . Another advantage of cosmetic surgery is the ability to correct physical defects. These patients may have physical defects that have resulted from an accident or a bad case of acne as a teenager. Some people are born with physical defects that have plagued them since birth and surgery can finally give them a shot at a normal life. one example is the clef palate. Psychologically, patients receive a powerful boost from such surgery as well as conforming to society’s standards. If you have felt bad about the way you look, due to a flaw such as a nose that you feel is too large or wrinkles that make you feel old, plastic surgery can make you feel better about yourself. it can be a solution to better emotional wellness. Many adults suffered emotional trauma as children and many children suffer today because of the cruelty of their peers and the teasing they receive. â€Å"You can’t imagine how it feels not to be afraid of being teased anymore†¦ They’d call out, ‘Is that a nose or a hose? ‘†¦ In today’s society, inevitably, attractiveness aids in social acceptance. â€Å"Recent studies have shown that persons of pleasing appearance are accepted more readily by peers and by seniors and are more, successful† (Stark xv). This, maybe true anywhere: in the work-force, in the dating and social night life, as well as anywhere one goes for either service or in any type of communication related atmosphere. Good looks are often helpful in receiving more attention as well. To achieve this social satisfaction, many often look to plastic surgery to take away that extra lump or bump, or improve some other fault one might find with themselves. Today, plastic surgery can achieve what years of exercise can’t, and brings a different meaning to the phrase † growing old gracefully†. Changing one’s appearance in the slightest of ways can make a world of difference to that person. How to cite The advantages of plastic surgery, Essay examples

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