Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ethics in communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics in communication - Essay ExampleThe word ethics are described as fundamental will to do and or once self properly in the society. Ethics is a Greek word that means to appeal. It shows concern for honorable people with dependable spirit and appropriate behavior. It plays a major role in deciding what is good and what is bad (Ward). In journalism, many an(prenominal) ethical issues need to be followed when reporting or publishing any information. This is because any information disseminated by diary keepers is taken with the seriousness and weight they come with. The ramifications of this information can be dire. Journalists are guided on how to carry out themselves by a code of ethics.One of the most important ethical issues is a journalist shall desist from any information or action that may harm the reputation of the journalist or to his organization. Journalists deal a lot with information and there is need to verify information in the beginning airing or publishing it. I n addition, they are supposed to carry out themselves with good acquire and in a manner to portray their professionalism. A journalist should not accept bribes or gifts to utilise any favors. In addition, he should not threaten anyone with the publication of damaging materials. Journalists have access to a lot of information and at times, they are bribed or they are tempted to threaten individuals with this information. Doing this will be dismission against code of ethics. It will undermine the quality of publications and the vows that a journalist is sworn under (journalism ethics). Ethical issues in announce (sexism and children) Advertising is the driving force behind many businesses. They help consumers know what products are in the market. The objective of an advertisement is to wow the customer and convince the customer to buy the product. For many years, advertisements have been criticized for the dash they portray the message. These critics have been because of the adve rtisements flaunting ethical issues. Advertising is also guided by ethics that allow somewhat play and creation of good advertisements (Singh, Vij). The two issues that this advertisement faults are sexism and children. Sexism is used in advertising as an attraction tool in many advertisements. This is because the female figure attracts attention (Kuluttaja). Sexism is used in advertising in many ways. One way of using sexism is showing a half naked system in an advertisement, also two people having intimate moments in an advertisemen

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