Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Networks And Connectivity :: essays research papers

Networks and ConnectivityTrying to give a definition to the term COMMUNICATIONS we can say that &8220Communications is the dispatch of a subject matter from wizard point to another and the confirmation of the complete , right and conceivable receiving of the message by the authorized addressee .As we can see from the history there was a huge try to achieve the communication between people . The signals of smoke , the sounds of the drum , the fire were some of the basic ways for the transfer of a message in a era years ago . But these ways of communication was neither accurate nor has the certainty of the success . Also the transfer press forward of the information was small , the size of the information tiny and the security of the communication was almost absence .The need for networks appears for the first time when Graham Bell identify in use the telephone . He was call on the carpeting with a friend of his with a single line , nevertheless later when he wanted to talk to a nother friend of his he needed to use another line to connect his phone and the phone of his friend . So imagine that he has X friends , he would need X(X-1)/2 lines and X-1 phones , that was impossible so the need of networks come up . The network first developed for the need of the voice communication but after the appearance of data communications need the same network was used .From the time that electricity and electronics had developed there was rapidly changes at the role of the communications . After the decade of the 1950 the computers started developing , and the communications started playing an important role in peoples life . Also the evolution of the voice communication has created an enormous telephone network which today covers a very large part of the planet , and computers afford taken advantage of that network in a enceinte rate so as to satisfy their needs for data communication . TermsTalking about our days , when we are referring to the term computer connec tivity we have a complex of hardware , software and physical appliance, and we mean the way and how computers can communicate and share roughhewn sources with the use of an intelligent or common network .With the term Data Communication we mean the exchange of information under the form of data between Data Terminal Equipment .

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