Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Good Intentions Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Good Intentions business sector - Assignment ExampleTheir promotional policy is that for every pair of brake brake brake shoes bought from the beau monde, company will present a pair of shoes for a b arfoot child. Blake is an Ameri shadow traveler and during his visit to Argentina he observed many children with b be feet. With his pure good intentions, he established a company and named it as TOMS shoes. Keeping the situation of children with bare feet in mind, Blake went to the Argentina in the same year with his colleagues, co-workers, friends and family with 10,000 pairs of shoes, which was made doable by the help of customers of Tomss shoe. a. The situation TOMS shoes is a company, which has the vision and aspiration to help and submit out its finished product (i.e. shoes) to third conception societies, where unwashedly the poor roam bare feet. This company gives away a pair in pilot ladder against purchase of every pair bought. Mainly they are sending shoes to those coun tries that are shoeless such as Haiti, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mississippi, Kentucky and Rwanda. This campaign is known as One on One. The situation has led to the high sales of the alpargata in high club of the western world. b. The rationale for your/their actions This One on One campaign is eventually leading the western world people are buying expensive shoes, as the humanitarian cause is not truly fulfil through the corporate itself. The worths of TOMS shoes are high comparatively to their competitors, because the customers are getting one shoe pair in price of two pairs. Reason being that the western world consumer is paying for the charity. These shoeless countries are suffering from the diseases like hookworm and elephantiasis these diseases are found in these countries because more often than usual people roam bare feet on dirty soil. c. The specific poor results However, Blake Mycoskie, the CEO of TOMS Shoes, have initiated this charity work for the shoeless countries, but eventually it ended in the twofold objective. As shoeless countries are facing diseases due to various reasons such as the hookworm. And such diseases could be tackled by constructing latrine or cleanse sanitation in Ethiopia. According to the case study, TOMs CEO oodles money by keeping the price of the charity purpose pair of shoes same as the normal pair of shoes, but the manufacturing terms of the charity shoe is even lesser than the half of taken. This situation led to running the local shoe pains on the country, as the sales went high up of TOMS shoes and local shoe effort declined. d. The individuals, people, or groups that were affected, and how they were affected Though this charity work has helped a lot of shoeless countries and people, but it has in like manner left negative impact on peoples working there. Donation affected the shoe industry drastically. In a way, TOM shoes were undermining the business of local shoe industry. This in-kind charity can be a short run benefit for the consumers, but the disturbance in the local industry will lead towards immense poverty in the long run. 2. Using systems thinking apply burns concepts of dynamic complexity and circles of causality to the situation and explain the interactions and relationships. There are two types of complexity, one is detailed complexity which means that a person handles a complex situation that involves

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