Monday, May 13, 2019

Human resource management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 8

Human imagination management - Essay ExampleIn this paper, McDonald HR practices will be described in light of the unique diversity and cultural variation at the workplace. The paper will discuss effect management and culture management at McDonald based divers(a) human resource theories.This view of human resource management focuses on the management of various aspect of a business, which includes the employee, the product or service offered to the customers (Aguinis, 2007). At McDonald, achievement management is a key tend of the corporate managers and is aimed at improving the abilities of the employees to increase output and achieve the goals of the organization. The management keenly identifies measure and develops the deed of various employees based on the strategic decisions of the organization. McDonald developed a performance development system to aid align individual performance goals with the objectives of the organization (Aguinis, 2007).Rewards to every employee a t the company are influenced by the PDS performance and this determines the reward advanced to the employees. The management of performance at McDonald begins with the development of individual performance invent. Human resource managers engage all employees to develop individual performance plans and use the same plan to enhance their performance based on the goals of the organization.With this approach, the feedback on the performance of an employee is acquired from members of his team, the subordinate stuff, colleagues of similar ranks and even supervisors. This approach enables an organization plan for proper human resource development for its employees based on the positive and negative feedback received. As expose of its performance management program, McDonald has introduced a 360-degree kind of feedback (Reissig, 2011).This feedback approach seeks to identify the performance of various employees through the feedback from the remembering customers. Through this approach, M cDonald restaurants

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