Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Why Mlb Should Have Instant Replay

Installing Instant Replay in Major confederacy Baseball Purpose The purpose of this speech is to persuade my audience and MLB to install instant replay in the game of baseball game. I. Introduction *Introduce Self* A. Attention- starting line I am release to start off with a video of a prime example of why they should have instant replay in baseball( the replay is of a blown call by Jim Joyce that would have ended the game and preserved the 21st perfect game in baseball which study league baseball was founded in 1869 so it doesnt happen that often B.Purpose To persuade my audience to agree that if instant replay was in baseball that baseball would be a offend sport. C. Main Points- In my speech I volition be talking about what is instant replay, different ways major(ip) league baseball can use instant replay and then why Major league baseball needs instant replay. Transition most of you maybe asking to yourself what is instant replay and I am about to tell you. II. Body A. Wh at is instant replay? 1. Instant replay is the replaying of video footage of an topic very soon after it has occurred. 2.There are different forms of replay including slow motion, multiple camera angles, freeze frame and frame by frame review. 3. The machination of instant replay is credited to Tony Verna Transition The one major reason why people are against using instant replay is that they say it will slow down the game of baseball and it is already slow. B. How baseball could have instant replay without slowing the game down sufficiently? 1. Such homogeneous college football where they have an official that sits in a booth and looks at every play after it is played that looks for any error that is made by an official well they could have this in MLB . Just like the NFL, where the head coaches get a red take exception flag that is good for one challenge of a play well they could have this in baseball too 3. Both of those ways have worked in football and they wouldnt take that persistent so I feel baseball should use it too.Transition After telling you ways that they could do instant replay in MLB I am going to tell you why MLB should have instant replay. C. Why MLB should have instant replay? 1. I feel like the most important thing in baseball would be to get the call right on each and other play. . I feel like it would make baseball a better sport to watch 3. Finally I feel like baseball is the last sport non to have instant replay so baseball should join the 21st century and have instant replay too. III. Conclusion A. During my speech I told what instant replay is, how they could use instant replay to not slow the game down even more and why MLB should use instant replay in the game of baseball. B. I am going to reason with a memorable quote Hindsight is 20/20. * Thank Audience*

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