Monday, May 6, 2019

Gay marrige Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Gay marrige - look for Examplegovernment and the US voters have a reasonable justification for denying same-sex pairing, such as promoting healthy families, or if the bans reflect favoritism and hatred (Sage). Sage runs down the various arguments and criticisms on the gay coupling issue by citing events which have unfolded since the passage of Proposition 8 and the events that has unfolded since. She also used quoted literary arguments from government officials and separate experts on the subject matter in order to comprehensively present the current issue.Sage begins her oblige by making a clear statement about the incident that gays and lesbians in California do have sufficient political support for their cause from their Governor to the entire Democratic Party. From this initial statement alone, Sage establishes a serious and formal tone in her essay. This is a good way to get under ones skin the readers interest because it catches the attention of those who oppose and those who advocate gay marriage in California. From the onset, the source statement shows the status of the hearing on Proposition 8 and it reveals undeniable truths for both interest groups in this paper. Both sides cannot deny that the Governor and the Democrat Party is indeed politically supportive of gay marriage and gay rights in California. Hence, the statement draws in opponents and advocates alike who have a clear stake on the resolution of the gay marriage issue. Moreover, this opening statement by Sage is used as data for the first point that the author wants to make in the current issue that there is no discrimination of gay and lesbian rights with the approval of Proposition 8. The formal tone used by the author is genuinely much appropriate for this paper because the topic calls for a serious discussion on the subject matter. Considering the fact that gay marriage is a precise controversial issue, the author has given the topic a very respectful and formal tone in order for the reader to take the topic

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