Friday, May 3, 2019

You Decide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

You Decide - Essay compositors case1. Development Stage- As potential melodic phrase enthronizations, Johnson Angel Investments LLC, will not distribute businesses in the betimes development stages or with untested products or concepts. The companion is looking for new, innovative market proven products, concepts or processes that present a unique market opportunity and show potential for extraordinary growth (Tipinvestor, 2008).2. geographic Location- As a venture capital company the firm is looking to invest in our local anesthetic American economy. The company feels that true sustainable economic growth for our economy can only be brought about by reinvesting in redeveloping the productive capacity of our country. Therefore the firm will only consider locally grown and developed business as potential investment opportunities. One of the goals of the firm is to get to to not only provide our investments with the financial and intellectual capital needed to achieve success, b ut to be able to provide assistance on rebuilding our economy as a whole.3. Revenues & ROI- Potential business investments must be already established with current annual sales revenues over $100,000. As an investment company the firm favors businesses with high in operation(p) margins which help provide a higher level of operating safety. Higher operating margins helps a developing business deal with the higher risks and added difficulties of achieving sales goals in a weak economy and properly growing and developing in a new market. The company requires a ROI of 10% or higher from any business partners to be considered as potential investments.4. Business and Management- The company is not partial to any specific industry or sector. As a whole we our school of thought is to look for companies that provide unique market offerings that do things faster, more efficiently and cheaper (Sopriscapital, 2002). Possessing the unique competitive

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