Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Long term care Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Long term care - Case Study ExampleSince the couple had superstitious nearly home healthcare, their daughter, and the community around them could have informed them of the benefits of such care, particularly for aging couples that require long-term care (Pratt, 2010).Considering the financing and accessibility of home care services, it is worth noting that are, to some extent, unavailable to most consumers. by chance Joan and Jerry were lucky in the sense that the federal and state governments play a role in everyday financing of patients that request long-term care. In this regard, two programs, namely Medicare and Medicaid, are available to consumers who may need long-term care. However, the criterion for receiving such long-term care is based on two scenarios, which locks out many a(prenominal) prospective consumers of home healthcare. For example, only poor elderly patients who are either eligible or cover by Medicaid can access such services. Additionally, only patients re covering from acute conditions who had previously enrolled for Medicaid can affirm the home healthcare services on long-term basis (Pratt, 2010).Drawing from Pierres case, Hospices management ought to develop a program for put uping in order to supervise to supervise and monitor volunteer works properly to guarantee suitable and safe care of consumers. The management can attach cardinal nursing aide to every situation to ensure that the situations are taken care of effectively and expeditiously (Pratt,

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